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A will could be the most important legal document you ever make, at Elite Financial Consulting we make sure it’s correct.
We’re proud to offer professional will writing services to help you plan for the future of your estate. Our experienced team of advisers will guide you through the process and provide you with the most suitable solutions

Leading Will Writing Services in Bristol

Plan Your Future with Elite Financial Consulting

Discover peace of mind with Elite Financial Consulting’s premier will writing services in Bristol. Our experienced financial advisers specialise in guiding individuals and families towards a secure future.

Elite’s comprehensive will writing services cover everything from crafting straightforward wills to designing intricate estate plans. With our expert guidance, your estate plan will be personalised to your unique requirements.

We recognise the significance of upholding your wishes after you’re gone. We will work closely with you to create a will that aligns with your goals and wishes for the future. Additionally, we offer insights on safeguarding your assets, minimising tax impact, and planning for the care of your loved ones, as well as other aspects of estate planning including trusts, power of attorney, and guardianship.

Our Will Writing Services

Single Wills

Design a legally sound document detailing your wishes and instructions for the future should you pass. Tailored to your specific needs Single Wills are created and signed in accordance with the law and have guaranteed court validity.

Mirror Wills

Wills created by couples to mirror each other to ensure their joint wishes are respected should they both pass away. Created and signed in accordance with the law, and valid in the eyes of the court.

Lasting Power Of Attorney

Appoint a trusted individual for decisions should you become unable to make them yourself. Created and signed in accordance with the law, this ensures that the appointed individual is legally binding and authorised to make decisions on the individual’s behalf. Guaranteed court validity.

We work closely with Kinherit, the Will Writing local business in Bristol.  They specialise in Will Writing services and not only cover basic Wills, they also provide help and set up the following;

Estate Planning Trusts

Protects your wealth from falling into the wrong hands for future generations, due to partner remarrying, children divorcing, etc.  Allows for more complex wishes to be carried out.

Lasting Power of Attorney (Property & Financial)

Nominating someone you trust to make decisions regarding your property or finances if ill health means you are no longer able to do this yourself.

Lasting Power of Attorney (Health & Welfare)

Nominating someone you trust to make decisions for you on your care and welfare if ill health means you’re no longer able to do this yourself.

Deed of Severance

Convert the ownership of your property to increase protection for you against things like care fees and inheritance tax.

Deed of Variation

Amend an existing Will after death, if you need to deal with a problem executor or to make it more tax efficient.

Declaration of Trust

Ensure properties are clearly owned in the correct names, to avoid unanticipated tax and other impacts.

Property, Lifetime & Gift Trusts

Set up specific trusts to make your estate more tax efficient and ensure things are managed exactly as you would wish.

Business Relief Planning

Make sure your business and certain investments (e.g. AIM-listed and private shares) are dealt with in a tax efficient manner for future generations.

Please contact us and we will provide a warm introduction to one of the Advisers at Kinherit.