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If you need to free up some capital from your home for any purpose, such as paying off your mortgage, making home improvements, settling debts, or making a gift, equity release could be the solution for you. Call for your free consultation today.

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Unlocking the equity in your home can be a smart financial move. At Elite Financial Consulting, we’re here to make your financial goals a reality.

At Elite Financial Consulting, we understand how beneficial a home equity release can be for you. With our knowledgeable team of experts, we can help you navigate the complex process and make the best decisions for your current financial situation.

With our Equity Release Advice Service, you will be able to access the money from your home to pay off your mortgage, fund home improvements, pay off debt, make a gift, and more. We can provide you with a long-term loan, where the debt will only be repaid when you or your partner pass away or need to go into long-term care. The interest can be rolled up or paid periodically, so there is no need to make monthly payments.

The minimum age to apply for equity release is 55, and there is no maximum age. We can help you calculate the amount you can release, depending on the value of your home and age.

At Elite Financial Consulting, we often secure two types of equity release:

Lifetime Mortgage: With this option, you can remain the sole owner of the property and stay in it.

Home Reversion Plan: With this option, you will sell a portion of your home to the lender and still be able to live in it without paying rent.

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