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These are the most frequently questions that we get asked about investments, mortgage and everything else finance…

Plan, Invest, Save


How much will the advice cost?

Our initial meetings are 100% free of charge and without obligation. We will take the time to sit with you and find out about what it is you want to achieve. Be that a mortgage, pension or investment. Charges will vary depending on the type of business that we are conducting. The framework of our costs are always detailed at our initial meetings and then after our fact finding and initial research we can then provide a breakdown of costs and fees prior to commencing any work on your behalf. We do regularly contact other Independent Financial Advice firms to ensure that our costs for services are competitive.

Mortgage advice, we charge 25% of the fee agreed for the work at the mortgage agreement in principle stage and the remaining 75% of the fee agreed when we are in receipt of the Mortgage Offer.   Our typical fee is £495.   We may also be paid a procuration fee from the lender, of which this is not chargeable to you.

Protection advice, we are paid from the protection provider by way of commission for setting up any plans.

Pension & Investment advice, we charge a typical fee of 3% of the amount invested and 0.50% of the fund value per annum as an adviser charge.  The adviser charge includes annual reviews and regular contact from our advisers, tracking the performance of your investment and to ensure that we are on target with your objectives in retirement or a time frame for investing.

Bank of mum and Dad. What does that mean?

Property prices tend to have increased at a much faster rate than salaries and income,  so nowadays saving for a decent deposit can be difficult.  The majority of lenders will now accept a deposit that has been gifted by family members, often mum and Dad, hence the saying “Bank of Mum and Dad”.

This gift can be supplied through mum and dads savings or mum and dad can look to mortgage their own property in order to gift the necessary deposit for children.

Where is best to invest my money?

We get asked this quite a bit and we wish there was a simple answer to that, but unfortunately it is more complex than simply giving the name of a particular company or fund. What we can say is that we adopt a very thorough robust process in ascertaining the most suitable place for you personally to invest.

This will factor in quite a thorough fact finding exercise and also what your individual attitude to risk is, what other money you have access to as well as your personal gaols and needs not just now but in future. After all what is suitable for one-person wont be suitable for another.

Do I have to have insurance to get my mortgage agreed?

In relation to insurance this encompasses quite a wide variety of products including Life insurance, Building Insurance and Critical Illness cover to name but a few. Some of our clients are of the impression that they have to have insurance to enable a mortgage to get agreed. This in a lot of cases is certainly true of buildings insurance.

A lender will often request suitable buildings insurance is in place to protect the security of their lending. It isn’t necessarily the case for life insurance and other personal protection policies. However, this is where our expert independent financial advisers will guide you and inform you as to what would be recommended and to match your individual personal and financial circumstances.

I'm self employed, can I get a mortgage?

We deal with lots of people who are self employed, some who own limited companies and others who are sole traders. Just because you are self employed wont prevent you from getting a mortgage. Most lenders will expect to see at least 2 years accounts and will like to see increasing profits, but there are a few that will work with just one years figures depending on other criteria being met.

Do you work weekends?

Yes, we do work weekends and also evenings. We fully appreciate that our clients have professional and personal commitments including children, work and the like. To restrict them to office hours Monday to Friday would be rather antiquated. We therefor offer very flexible appointment arrangements including home or workplace based meetings.

When will we hear form you after you have set up our policy/plan/mortgage?

We are firm believers in the relationship between adviser and client being a life long one. After all, our financial needs are ever changing and don’t stop as we get older. We will regularly be in contact with our clients and also advocate them contacting us whenever they see fit. While a typical contact period would be 6 to 12 months this is all to often more regular if and when our clients need to contact us sooner. All our advisers issue their own direct contact details and will endeavour to respond promptly when contacted by their clients. We have also just implemented a dedicated phone based Personal assistant to ensure that all our office phone line calls answered professionally and swiftly even when our advisers are all with clients.

What are the awards actually for?

We won Top 25 Financial Planning company via Wealth net in 2016. We have also won Best Financial Planning Company in the South West for 2018 by Wealth and Money and two further awards in 2019. These awards are based on a variety of different criteria and judged by independent panels of professional judges. Amongst other criteria this includes the services in which we provide our clients, our advice, communication, and our online facilities that are offered. These awards are important for us and independently verify the quality of our company and our financial advisers, not only to re confirm to our existing clients that they are in safe hands, but provide prospective clients that bit extra peace of mind when choosing which independent financial and mortgage advice firm to approach.

While the above only makes up a very small portion of the questions we get asked, these tend to be questions that crop up more than others. If you have a question that you want to ask us, do feel free to contact us via email or phone via the website and we will gladly answer.